SugarTips Wellness Education for Life Longevity - S.W.E.L.L.


Our primary services have been designed to reduce ill health among  children living in shelters and transitional housing

JumpaRopaCize & HulaCize

JumpaRopaCize & HulaCize are designed to encourage children's indoor/outdoor physical activities as this is known to reduce stress and increase fun and happiness:)

S.W.E.L.L. Electric Smiles

FOR KIDS!  Oral Health Education in which Electric Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Dental Floss, Mouthwash and Information is distributed to Children (and Parent's as ) living in Shelters and Transitional Housing.

The Struggle is REAL! Kid's HAVE CAVITIES

Surgeon General called dental caries the silent epidemic suffered disproportionately by the poor.

Access and Utilization of Oral Health Care Services by Homeless Children/Families.

The Surgeon General called dental caries (cavities) the silent epidemic, suffered disproportionately by the poor. Homeless mothers/children are especially vulnerable as they lack access to dental care. This prospective study elucidated predictors of access, oral health, and the effectiveness of shelter-based care. A convenience sample of 120 homeless families (children n=236) provided predictor factors at intake and one month later. Nearly half the children (n=98) had dental caries (cavities).  Shelter-based care was effective in improving access: 43% of families secured dental appointments and perceived access barriers decreased after shelter-based care

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Children with poor oral health miss thousands of hours of school due to painful teeth and gums; suffer from malnutrition due to their inability to eat fresh, nutritious foods; and suffer from low self-esteem because of their socially unacceptable smiles.



A Monthly Resource Fair 

FREE Food, New Children’s Books*, Clothes, Electric Toothbrush/Toothpaste*, Blood Pressure Screenings, Health Literature, Referrals and BlessingsJ

Hallelujah Friday’s is a Christian Outreach Ministry focused on supporting homeless children and adults and/or those experiencing hunger and hardships.

4th Friday of Each Month-1:00 to 4:00

· August 24 - Chicken Enchilada Lunch

· September 28 – Hamburger Lunch

· October 26** – Super Cheese and Fruit Shish Kabob – Free Electric Toothbrushes/Toothpaste for Kids** (Might change to Saturday 10/27 /18 , if the kids from Black Diamond Drill Team can perform!)

· November 23 – Blessed Thanksgiving Desserts

· December 28 – Blessed Christmas Desserts - Free Electric Toothbrushes/Toothpaste for Kids

*New Books/Electric Toothbrushes /Toothpaste Distributed As We Receive Donations. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN